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Kafka's Metamorphosis VR Installation (Goethe Institute Estonia)

The Metamorphosis VR (VRWandlung) is an interactive gallery installation produced by the Goethe Institut that is being installed in Goethe Institutes around the world over 2018-2019, being installed first in Prague, Czech Republic and during April in Tallinn, Estonia. 

VRWandlung consists of 1) a virtual reality experience that takes audience members into the room of Gregor Samsa, the lead character of Franz Kafka's 1915 novella The Metamorphosis, 2) a pains-stakingly crafted miniature version of Samsa's room immersed in quadrophonic environmental sound, and 3) a set of headphones where one can listen to music inspired by The Metamorphosis.

My role on this production was as dialogue editor, sound designer, and audio technology consultant. Instagram here. | Goethe Institut event page here.