Electroacoustic Music for Dance

This year I worked with dancer and choreographer Juliana Garber on music for 2 dance works she choreographed. The first was a solo piece titled Impulse that was premiered at the 2nd Biomorphic Dance Festival at The Secret Theater in New York City.

This work blends processed acapella samples, foley recordings, and sounds of New York City into a variety of frequently rhythmic, driving textures. The climax of the piece introduces instrumental sounds and unprocessed vocals.

The second piece extended both dance ideas and sonic material from the first, and was titled Impetus+. This work is for 6 dancers and is longer, at 12 minutes.

With more dancers I felt that I had more ability to utilize dramatic gestures, and because of the more substantial length of the work more transformational processes on the musical material occur. This piece was performed at The Greene Space in Queens, in the 3rd Biomorphic Dance Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater, and at Movement Research in Manhattan.