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Sound Vision

In 2009 I began work on a music visualizer made in the MaxMSP/Jitter programming environment. I recently updated this software so thought I’d make a post about it.

Sound Vision includes two visualization types: a stereo FFT visualizer and Bark scale visualizer. Each has a variety of user-alterable parameters that modify both how the visualizers handle musical input (e.g. pre-gain) and directly alter their visual output (e.g. video feedback).

Here is a video that demonstrates the interface and visualization of Sound Vision:

The purpose of this software is to aid in the analysis of electroacoustic music, music that has a variety of characteristics (dynamic spatialization, stark timbre changes, for example) that are not found in musics commonly analyzed through other visualizers. In addition, this software can be used to visualize music for entertainment or accompaniment purposes (as it has been used in concert before).

Lastly, I’m including a paper I recently wrote that describes the Bark scale visualization module in detail.

Sound Vision 2.0: Bark Scale Visualizer