revel at ix

To Spring: Charlottesville

As part of the Revel at IX event used to raise money for The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative I created a 15 minute video art loop (no sound) that was played all night during the after party.

To create the video I spent several weeks shooting footage at a variety of locations in Charlottesville at different times of the day. I then compiled the footage so that they made the following transitions during the duration of the piece:

Nature -> Architecture -> Urban

Morning -> Night

Intimate -> Public

Next, I matted all of the videos using a 5x5 grid of squares with a rising and falling “echo effect” that changes the number of visible squares on the screen from one to twenty and back again. The patterns vary from left to right, up to down, and a variety of different diagonal configurations.

This project was both my first foray into video art without sound and I also learned a great deal about Charlottesville: its nature and urban landscape.