Spatial Ear Trainer (2018)

The Spatial Ear Trainer (SET) allows you to test and train your ability to localize sounds, perceive spatial trajectories, and develop spatial memory over loudspeakers. The goal of this software is to rigorously and quantitatively support and refine an often overlooked dimension of musical listening: spatiality.

It may be used in stereo, quadrophonic or octophonic speaker configurations. To modify your speaker configuration click below "Speaker Config." at the top left and select your current speaker (or headphone) configuration.

The difficulty of the trainer is primarily determined by the the number of selectable locations between the speakers, or phantom images. To modify the number of phantom images click below "Phantom Images" at the top left.

The SET has three primary modes: Localization, Spatialization, and Aural Image. Localization involves selecting the location of a static sound, Spatialization involves selecting the start and end points (and optionally acceleration characteristics) of spatial trajectories, and Aural Image involves selecting the locations of multiple, concurrent static sounds.

Training with each mode is similar: clicking the "New Question" button plays a new spatial sound question which you must then answer by clicking where you hear the one or more sounds that make up the question using the speaker configuration diagram on the left. You will then be given feedback on your selection, indicating correct and incorrect selections on your part.

The duration of the questions (shorter is harder, longer is easier), number of trials (training spatial memory), and other characteristics of the questions may be customized.

The source sound (sound used for each question) may be customized at the top right. Sound type ranges from pink and white noise, sawtooth wave, or custom music. Sound character may be smooth or striated (pulsed), which can help aid hearing moving sound sources.