“i’m bony and dense” (2016)

Octophonic interactive music (with Myo) for dance, with Katie Schetlick, Fall Dance Showcase, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2016

From the choreographer:

I experienced two stirring moments somewhat simultaneously– a collision with the writings of Annie Dillard and the passing of my composition teacher and mentor Kazuko Hirabayashi. As a result of this and everything my collaborators so generously shared, “I’m bony and dense.” is a compositional study of “the uncertainty of vision, the horror of the fixed, the dissolution with the present, the intricacy of beauty, the pressure of fecundity, the elusiveness of the free, and the flawed nature of perfection.” These words by Dillard on “all that providence implies,” for me, summarize the awe of dance that Kazuko shared with so many of her students.