Collage III (2010)

This piece was made with recordings of natural sounds that have all been computer-manipulated, at times stripping them of their inherent rhythm, pitch, sense of space and context, but never entirely. When working with the computer-manipulated sounds I treated them as though they were natural, using their transformed, computer-generated characteristics the same way that I would a natural recording's. This piece was heard on the April 15th , 2010 Oberlin Composition/TIMARA Departments Concert of Student Works. 

I See The City (2009)

In this piece I utilize the Latin phrase "Video Urbem" (pronounced "Wi-deh-oh Ur-bem" and meaning "I see the city") as both source material and subject. Travel, be it purposeful exploration or forced abduction, and the resulting effect of familiarity or detachment is explored through changes in content, timbre, and atmosphere. This piece was heard on the December 3rd, 2009 Oberlin Composition & TIMARA Departments Concert of Student Works

Collage II (2009)

This piece was made mostly using recordings of a headphone adapter rolling on many different surfaces- the tops of tables, the bottoms of turned over trash cans, cookie sheets, the insides of pot lids, etc. Once the recordings were made, the same headphone adapter that created the sounds was used by me to listen to the sounds, manipulate them, and to eventually create this piece. This piece was heard on the September 30th, 2009 Oberlin Composition & TIMARA Departments Concert of Student Works

Collage I (2009)

My first acousmatic piece made using explicitly self-recorded sounds from inside and outside of my house. The piece has 4 sections, each of which both contrasts and blends in some ways with the others.